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Seven essential characteristics of independent insurance companies

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Seven essential characteristics of independent insurance companies

The independent Insurance companies are older than you can imagine; their creation dates back to ancient times as they sought to protect personal interests and those of existing communities, but what is their profile like today?

First, we must define them; Independent insurance companies specializing in insurance, whose economic activity is based on offering a security service. Covering certain economic risks (that are insurable), the economic units of production and consumption.

Seven  characteristics of  Independent Insurance Companies? and how do they operate?

1.- Generation of reserves to guarantee financial support.In an adverse economic scenario, it provides economic support through an operation to accumulate wealth through the insured’s contribution.

2.- Principle of mutuality: Independent insurance companies follow the principle of mutuality. That is to say, that the unfavorable effect of the risks considered as a whole is diminished because, for the insurer. The individual risks are compensated since there are few insured who suffer it, compared to the many who contribute to the payment of coverage.

3.- Diversity of insurance companies: According to their legal constitution, insurance companies can be classified as mutual, joint-stock companies, cooperatives, or social welfare mutual. In addition, all of them possess essential characteristics for the marketing of insurance products.

4.- Operation in one or multiple branches: Depending on the regulatory body, they may operate in one or more branches (automobile, accidents, fires, civil liability, among others).

5.-  Availability of financial resources and sufficient solvency: Consequently, the legislation imposes many restrictions on them due to their need for sufficient financial resources and solvency.

6.- Prohibition for natural persons: The activity of insurers cannot be carried out by natural persons, since legal regulations seek permanence and stability in this sector.

7.- Constant regulation by the State: They are constantly regulated by the State to deliver the highest confidence level between the insured and investors.

How does choosing an independent insurance agency or agent benefit you?

How does choosing an independent insurance agency or agent benefit you?

There are many reasons why an independent insurer is the best option for your auto insurance needs. Independent agents have greater flexibility and possibilities to satisfy a greater variety of coverages than established agencies or agents.

In reality, most people trust established agents more than those who work for a single company. They only promote and know the advantages of their insurer since they provide services only to that company and not to several, as independent agents can do.

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing an independent insurance agent or agency

However, there are many advantages to choosing an online insurance agency. Internet insurance companies offer lower prices. Although customers have to know very well how to manage their accounts and profiles on these digital sites.


Following these ideas, we can say that an independent insurance agent can offer more benefits than online insurance agencies and prestigious insurance companies together. This can offer the lowest prices on the market since it bases its calculations on comparing offers from different companies for which its agency works, which gives you natural elements to establish comparisons between different payment fees.


The main advantage is that, unlike agents who work for an established company, independent ones do it with several at the same time. Thus offering more flexibility to their clients with the best opportunities.

Updated information

Selecting an independent agent also has its drawbacks. We explain to you as these agents do not respond to the interests of a single company. It is possible that they are not fully aware of the rules, discounts, and other beneficial opportunities of all the insurers for which they work. Although they are indeed kept up to date because they are updated with the latest information from all the companies. They may omit or forget critical aspects that may be favorable for you, having to be aware of a large amount of data.

Branches near your residence

Another advantage of independent agents is that they are usually available in your area of residence. They can be your friends or neighbors, so help with car insurance issues will come with a personal touch. Here they have a strong advantage compared to online companies. Where it is possible that you feel like one more buyer, or like one of many, instead of a valued customer (which is achieved with personalized attention).

The downside to this aspect is that because these agents are local, they may not be familiar with insurance requirements at the entire State or the national level. Here the ones to win are the online agencies and the already-established ones since they operate on a larger scale.

However, clients prefer independent agents because they offer superior advantages to the other options discussed here. They combine the personalized assistance of local agents with the freedom to choose between the benefits of different companies.

Precautions when selecting an independent agent

Precautions when selecting an independent agent

We suggest you be careful when selecting an independent agent. Part of their job is also to advertise the most prominent companies while at the same time representing many smaller ones. Suppose you are considering opening your car insurance policy with a particular company. In that case, you have to ensure that you find an agent representing only that company because not everyone you find will necessarily have that responsibility.

Some agents may want to divert your attention to other companies. Here you must sit down and think as a customer. If you have compelling reasons to lean towards a particular company. Visit their website and locate their local agent. This is an excellent way to facilitate your search for insurance agents since you will find one that can honestly explain the advantages and disadvantages of your insurance company.

If, on the other hand, you are not interested in the services of a particular company. Look for an independent agent with whom you feel comfortable. You can find it by visiting various agencies or speaking with their representatives. It would help if you tried to establish a good working relationship with your insurance agent so that when you need help, you can always count on their support and assistance.


What is an independent insurance company?

When ensuring that your most valuable assets are protected, you want to work with licensed experts. Licensed insurance professionals make a career out of assessing their customers’ needs. Matching them with the insurer best equipped to meet those needs at a price the customer can afford. Just as you might seek out the advice of an attorney when writing a will. It makes sense to turn to a licensed insurance professional for help protecting your home, auto, and business.

Independent agents can offer a wide selection of policies from multiple providers. Their unbiased approach allows them to search the marketplace on your behalf and provide you with options that might not be available through a direct provider.

An independent agent can help you navigate complicated insurance issues like billing disputes and claim denials. Their hands-on involvement throughout the claims process is a hallmark of independent agents’ customer service. They can often translate the sometimes complex language of insurance policies for their customers and help them through what is usually a very stressful time in their lives.

Unlike captive agents who can only sell products offered by their employer. Independent agents can apply for appointments with many insurance companies. This gives them access to a broader range of options for their clients. Which ultimately can result in better coverage and lower premiums. For example, an independent agent can compare rates from several top-rated insurers to find you the right policy at the best price.

What do independent insurance agents make?

Independent agents work with multiple insurers to provide their clients various coverage options and prices. Then they use their industry knowledge to help them select the right policies that meet each client’s needs. Unlike captive agents, who represent only one company’s products. Independent agents can give their customers a side-by-side comparison of pricing and coverage so they can make informed decisions.

Insurance agents typically earn a salary plus commission. They earn a base salary from their agency and then receive additional commissions based on the number of policies sold. The type of policy and whether the policy is a new purchase or a renewal also influence commission rates.

The location where an agent works also plays a role in their earning potential. For example, bigger cities tend to have higher populations. More opportunities for insurance agents. Insurance agents can also get employer bonuses if they hit specific profit targets.

Whether you want to become an independent insurance agent or prefer to be a captive agent. You can expect a rewarding career with limitless earning potential. Just be sure to research the industry and understand the job’s demands before committing to it. Then you’ll be ready to jump into this rewarding field with confidence. And remember, an independent insurance agent’s number-one goal is to help clients find a policy that fits their needs.

What auto insurance company has the best rates?

When it comes to car insurance, you want a company with excellent customer service that won’t let you down when you need to file a claim. You also want a company with affordable rates and coverage that fits your needs. Using Policygenius, you can see quotes from top-rated providers that match your vehicle and driving history. You can then choose a provider and customize your policy to suit your needs, such as adding comprehensive or collision coverage or decreasing liability coverage.

GEICO is well known for its gecko mascot and for offering some of the lowest rates on car insurance. Its mobile app lets drivers access digital insurance cards, file claims, and connect to CARFAX for a vehicle history report. It also offers discounts for low-mileage driving, safe driving, and bundling policies.

Chubb is unique in that it provides original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coverage. Which pays for the cost of replacing parts and processes to repair a damaged car after a covered accident. However, this add-on to a standard policy is expensive. It doesn’t offer other standard discounts. Such as ensuring multiple vehicles, good driving, and anti-theft features.

Progressive is one of the largest insurers in the country and, like many competitors, has competitive rates. It also has a long track record of financial stability and excellent customer satisfaction ratings. Including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an 853 out of 1,000 scores in J.D. Power’s 2022 Insurance Shopping Study. Its financial strength ratings of A++ from AM Best. Aa1 from Moody’s, and AA+ from S&P are among the highest in the industry.

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